Ready to reduce stress & feel calm?

Are you exhausted, behind and feeling like a hot mess? Do you find yourself lying in bed at night feeling stressed and guilty? Waking up and worrying about your to-do list, wondering how you’ll get it all done? Or even skipping sleep to make sure it all happens?

Modern day living can leave you struggling with your workload and a huge mental load.

The time and mental energy required to deal with appointments, chores, family, and work can leave you exhausted and wishing for a rest.

I’ve experienced that and found a path out. And whatever else I did, there is one skill that I rely on to this day to help me really dig in and to amplify results of whatever else I do. Find out about this skill and start building it today.

Reclaiming Calm lets you transform your life one choice at a time

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Meet Sandy

Sandy Fowler is the founder of Reclaiming Calm. She is a wife, mom, stress relief guide, and certified meditation teacher who has discovered the power of a few simple strategies to reduce stress and bring more joy into life. She pairs these strategies with a simple guided meditation that brings deep rest and relaxation. Utilizing these simple techniques, Sandy helps people reduce stress and find more peace in this busy world.

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Ready to reduce stress & feel calm?

Use my essential stress reduction tool.