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Want to reduce stress & feel calm?

Modern day living saps your energy, impacts your health and steals your peace of mind.

The time and mental energy required to deal with appointments, chores, family, and work can leave you exhausted and searching for calm.

The good news is you have calm inside you, it just gets covered up as you move through life. At Reclaiming Calm we will help you uncover it through simple practices.

Reclaiming Calm lets you transform your life one choice at a time

Easy Guided Meditations

Lie back and listen as Sandy guides you to your inner peace and calm

Personal Support

Meet with Sandy and use her strategies to find more time and peace

Stress Relief Tool

Learn the one essential skill you must have to relieve stress & cultivate calm

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Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty & happiness.

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Meet Sandy

Sandy Fowler is the founder of Reclaiming Calm. She is a wife, mom, and stress relief coach who has discovered the power of a simple guided meditation to relax people and help them find their inner calm. She pairs this simple meditation practice with her 3×3 framework and simple strategies to guide people in designing a lifestyle that filters out stress and creates calm.

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