Yoga Nidra—a proven remedy for modern-day stress that only requires you to lie down and listen

Yoga Nidra is a simple meditation technique. It doesn’t involve yoga poses but rather allows you to lie down (or sit fully supported) and simply listen to Sandy’s voice as she guides you on a journey of relaxation.

This ancient practice creates deep psychological and physical relaxation while mental functions remain active and alert.

As it triggers the body’s relaxation response, Yoga Nidra takes you out of fight-flight-freeze, allowing the body to function in a stress-free state, promoting profound relaxation and healing at deep levels.

Sandy’s warmth, clarity, and presence were so helpful to me as she led me through Yoga Nidra practice. She embodied ease and non-judgment, which allowed me the freedom to feel a full range of emotions in the meditation. She was a supportive and caring guide. ~ Christine

Thanks to her calm, steady voice and her soothing presence, Sandy provided a truly enjoyable guided meditation. I emerged both refreshed and relaxed with a deep sense of peace. ~ Anne

This meditation is the thing that got me through this week. Just going back to that peaceful feeling got me through. ~ Sandy

The rhythm and cadence was comforting. ~ Emma

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