Yogamu All Course Bundle (same as Gold Subscription)




Only $149 per month!

This is our ultimate teacher package. If you are looking for a deep immersion into Eastern teachings, then this is certainly the most comprehensive curriculum you can find. Enjoy all teacher training in one simple and affordable subscription. Join our vast community and enjoy our optional multiple daily live classes with expert teachers!

  • 100 + 200 + 300HR Meditation Teacher Training (500HR TOTAL) – $898 value)
  • 200 + 300HR Multiple Style Yoga Teacher Training (500HR TOTAL)
  • 200 + 300HR Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (500HR TOTAL) – ($798 value)
  • 100 HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training ($199 value)
  • 20 HR Prenatal Teacher Training ($49 value)
  • Pranayama Introduction
  • Open your Third Eye course
  • More courses to come this year!

This bundle allows for participation in all live classes and access to all live recordings. (it includes the Open Campus package) –

The fine print:

  • You may cancel at any time after a 2-month minimum period. We have this minimum to prevent students from rushing through a higher course in 30 days to “save money”. This will cause grief and lead to poor results as a teacher. All 200 hr courses can be comfortably completed in a 2 months period but not much faster.
  • Content of completed courses will remain available to you even after cancellation
  • You may participate in as many live classes daily as you wish, without additional cost
  • Reading material is available as PDF or sometimes as online-version free of charge
  • Extra workshops (special topics etc) that are not required for the above certification courses are priced separated and always optional.
  • Multi-style yoga courses can be registered with Yoga Alliance USA, Kundalini Yoga, and Meditation courses can be registered with the World Yoga Federation of India and Meditation Alliance International.
  • This offer does not include special workshops!
  • The courses are fully eligible for final testing and certification, just like the fully paid courses.


Q: Can I take a 300HR Teacher training, finish in 2 months and just cancel my subscription?

A: Yes, that is no problem.

Q: Can I take courses in parallel like meditation and yoga?

A: Yes, you can take as many courses in parallel as your time allows

Q: Can I cancel or pause my membership and resume later?

A: Yes, that is no problem

Q: Do I need to buy extra books to complete any of these courses?

A: No, all needed reading material is included. We may recommend books, but those will be optional and can usually be purchased on Amazon – Often even as eBooks.

Q: I already purchased the GYTA program in 2021, do I need this?

A: No, you are good for this year.


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