You just took the first step to creating what you want and I’m honored you invited me on this journey with you.

I am passionate about helping you find what works for you and implementing it. This means I share a wide variety of content in various formats. There isn’t a set schedule because I don’t want to clog up your inbox with email just because it’s Monday. I send you things that I believe to be interesting,useful, or inspirational.

And then there are email filters 😒 You can add me to your contacts and/or whitelist to help my emails find their way to your inbox. If you have Gmail be sure to move them to your primary inbox and if you use another provider be sure to move me out of junk/spam. 💌

Anytime you hit reply and talk to me I appreciate it. Hearing about your journey helps me craft more useful content (it also tells the email gods that you actually do want to receive my emails 😉).

In the meantime, explore the website and see what’s available to you.

Peace and hugs,