Reclaiming Calm


Sandy Fowler

Sandy Fowler is the founder of Reclaiming Calm. She is a Stress Relief Guide and a Certified Meditation Teacher. Sandy began guiding women through stress relief in 2006 and has been adding to her tool box ever since.

She began with some simple strategies for taming life and finding time for the things that matter most. She developed her 4Rs of stress relief to help clients not only manage the stress in their lives but to filter and eliminate much of that stress so they don’t have to manage it at all.

While we can eliminate much of our stress we also need to become people who can handle any remaining stress with grace. One of the tools Sandy shares to help us become this person is meditation, in particular Yoga Nidra. When she was a mother of 2 young children who was learning to reduce her own stress, Sandy tried meditating. She tried and tried, and she often found herself more stressed after her meditation practice than she was before. Then she was introduced to Yoga Nidra and it was bliss! Sandy finally found the peace and calm she was searching for (in spite of her busy mind!)

Regular practice bore great fruit in Sandy’s personal life and carried her to a place where she was able to practice mindfulness, focus, and concentration meditation in addition to her Yoga Nidra practice. Now she is passionate about sharing these gifts with others.

Sandy’s mission is to guide students to a place of knowing and calm, a place where they can connect with themselves and follow their inner guidance. She finds the practice of Yoga Nidra to be the perfect compliment to her tried-and-true methods of relieving and eliminating stress through the 4Rs.

Sandy is a 200 Hr. Certified Meditation Teacher, a certified Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Guide, and a member of the American Institute of Stress. Additional trainings include: Mental Health First Aid, safeTalk, Community Resiliency Model, Trauma 101: Introduction to Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Implications for Population Health, and Trust Future Harmony Life Coaching. Most important, she has a daily meditation practice to sustain and guide her.

You can find Sandy sharing her love of Yoga Nidra, meditation, and stress relief strategies in Saint Joseph, MI as well as on-line. Join her on the journey to live stress free in the fullness of self.