The Art & Science of Saying No

Stop people pleasing & take care of what's important

Do you find yourself saying these thing?

  • I’m so stressed 
  • I have too many things to do, I can’t finish it all
  • I’m always tired
  • I’m worn out
  • I spend all my time doing what other people want me to do
  • I don’t have enough time to do what I really want to do

If you’re in any of these situations, most likely you’ve been saying yes to too many things or the wrong things. 

‘Yes’ and ‘No’ are incredibly powerful words that shape our lives, even when we aren’t aware of it. 

We decrease our stress and create more time for what matters most when we say 'yes' and 'no' to the right things.

And that’s what I present in The Art & Science of Saying ‘No’. In this 90 minute class I share the process I created for myself when I desperately needed to find more time, reduce my stress, pay attention to the people who matter most to me, and actually enjoy my days. 

I’ve seen clients struggle with being over scheduled, stressed, and at the end of their rope and what I know is this: people pleasing and being the ‘good girl’ is a big part of what got you into this mess. Learning how to say no comfortably and without guilt can get you out—and you can say ‘No’ .

I’ll show you how you got caught up in saying yes (it’s really not your fault), an exact formula for saying ‘No’, and techniques for handling different types of people and their responses.

The ability to choose what you do and what you don’t opens the door to a world where you can reduce your stress and build a life you love, one that nurtures you and that you enjoy. 

Be confident saying 'No'

The Art & Science of Saying ‘No’ is a 90 minute training where you’ll learn how to reduce and even prevent stress in your life by confidently saying no to commitments that aren’t right for you.

In this class I cover:

          • Why saying no hasn’t worked before
          • My simple formula for saying no
          • How to deal with different types of people and their responses
          • A simple process for deciding what to say yes to so you can enjoy your life again

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Sandy Fowler.

I’ve been showing women how to relieve their stress for over a decade. Originally I helped busy moms manage their time. I discovered my techniques were reducing their stress levels and creating more joy in their lives so when I started teaching stress relief I incorporated those tools into my coaching and training along with everything I’d learned about resilience, emotional regulation, meditation, and more.

Saying no is a core strategy that I learned the hard way. I discovered techniques for saying no when my girls were young because I was completely overwhelmed and found myself with no time, a strained marriage, waaaayyy too much to do, and a boatload of guilt.

I was overwhelmed, losing sleep, getting snippy, and just plain worn out. My relationship with my husband suffered as I became busier and busier, saying yes over and over again to so many things—good things, important things—but too many things.

I finally figured out how to stop the gerbil wheel I was running on and I pieced together a plan for a better and happier life. It all started with figuring out how to say no effectively and without guilt.

And I love to help clients do the same, to find the tools and the path to reduce stress and reach inner calm.

Is this class right for you?

This training is for women who want to be in the driver’s seat of their life. They want to choose what they say yes to and have the confidence to say no. It is not for women:

  • Looking for ways to do everything interesting that crosses their path
  • Who want to pack more into their day
  • Looking for the latest time management technique

I won’t be sharing productivity tips or showing you how to multi-task. I will talk about making choices and being selective about where you put your time and energy. I will show you some simple strategies for grabbing the reins of your life so you can be in control and spend time on whatever matters most to you.

If you are ready to take the reins and determine where you spend your time and energy then this is for you!

The Art & Science of Saying ‘No’ is a 90 minute class. When you purchase the class you receive:

  • Instant access to the recording of this class which originally ran live
  • Ongoing access to the training including all future upgrades
  • On the go access to the training which is delivered through a private podcast (just listen on your favorite app!)

What Attendees Are Saying

Before this class I felt guilty about saying no (I’m a people pleaser) but I learned you can still be kind and gracious, using positive words to decline requests without giving details about the why. And I especially liked learning how to do this with pushy people. ~ Terri

This class was so helpful. I’ve been using what I learned when I talk to my husband and the change is amazing!” ~ Heidi


Ready to take the reins?

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