Break the
Stressed-Tired-Stressed Cycle

You CAN reduce your stress — even if you're tired.

Being chronically tired is tough, really tough. 

Being chronically stressed is difficult. 

And cycling through both is excruciating. 

Experts tell you to do more, exercise more, spend more time doing things that require energy you don’t have.

The truth is, many good stress relief practices don’t require more time and others will help with the tiredness even as they reduce your stress.

And that’s why I created Break the Stressed-Tired-Stressed Cycle, a class that gives you techniques to relieve stress and tend to yourself in calming ways.

I’m going to teach you my simple yet powerful framework for reducing, and even eliminating stressors, in spite of being tired.

I’ve seen it with clients and experienced it myself and what I know is this: you can deal with stress when you’re tired. In fact, it can even help you feel less tired.

Break the Stressed-Tired-Stressed Cycle demonstrates you have a lot more control over your stress levels than you think you do. It covers very powerful techniques that don’t take a lot of time and many options that do double duty.

It invites you into a world where stress relief doesn’t mean a daily workout, rather it’s an invitation to build a life you love, one that nurtures you and that you enjoy.

Break the Stressed-Tired-Stressed Cycle

 In this 90 minute training you’ll learn how to reduce and even prevent stress in your life.

We’ll cover:

          • The relationship between stress and tiredness
          • What stress relief is (and what it isn’t)
          • The mindset/mind game of stress & stress relief
          • The difference between stress relief and stress elimination and why both are essential
          • Why stress elimination is crucial when you’re tired
          • My favorite strategy for eliminating stress
          • Types of stress relief
          • Tools for relieving stress when tired

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Sandy Fowler.

I’ve been showing women how to relieve their stress for over a decade. Originally I helped busy moms manage their time. I discovered my techniques were reducing their stress levels and creating more joy in their lives so when I started teaching stress relief I incorporated those tools into my training along with everything I’d learned about trauma and resilience, emotional regulation, meditation, and more.

I found it most difficult to manage my stress when I was tired. Whether it was my daughter keeping me up every night for weeks when she was a toddler or the physical and emotional tiredness from cancer treatment, I was determined to find ways to be calm and happy.

And I love to help clients do the same, find the tools and path to reduce stress and reach inner calm.

Breaking the Stressed-Tired-Stressed Cycle is being run live just once.

When you purchase the class you will receive:

  •  Invitation to the live training
  • Access to the recording of the training
  • The opportunity to submit question ahead of time
  • Ongoing access to the training including all future upgrades
  • The option to purchase discounted follow-up support

You can purchase the live class for $24. After this live run it will go up to $36

Please note: This is a full training with detailed information about preventing and managing stress especially when you’re tired. Don’t be fooled by the price! There is no sales pitch and no upsell, just actionable information.

What clients are saying:

(For a similar training I did on saying no) “Before this class I felt guilty about saying no (I’m a people pleaser) but I learned you can still be kind and gracious, using positive words to decline requests without giving details about the why. And I especially liked learning how to do this with pushy people.” ~ Terri

(For similar work I did on enjoying Christmas) “Sandy gets to the heart of what it’s really all about: getting to what matters most. It’s a journey about discovering the things that are important to your family, not necessarily about the traditions of society, and then creating the experiences and traditions you choose to create for your family. It reminds us of something that we often forget, that we do have a choice about what goes on our to-do list.” ~ Sheila

(For coaching) “Sandy cuts right through all my confusion about what to do next and how to do it.  She zeroes right in on the highest priority, even when it’s something I have not yet identified, and I just find myself sighing with relief.  She helps me gain clarity, keep true to my vision, stay accountable, and keep things as simple and manageable as possible.  I know I’d still be lost in the forest of it all without Sandy!” ~ Nancy

Break out of the cycle with this 90 minute class

Join me live on November 3rd at 1:00 p.m. ET (10 am PT, 5 pm GMT) and break out of the cycle!

The live class will take place online via Zoom. You can send in questions ahead of time and also ask questions during the class. And if you can’t make it live, no worries, you’ll receive access to a recording.

This is a special event with special pricing.

:The class will be available for purchase later but once I run the live class the price will increase from $24 to $36 without an option to purchase discounted personal support.

When you purchase now you get:

  • Opportunity to attend live
  • Option to send in questions before hand
  • Your questions answered during the class
  • Access to the recording
  • Ongoing access to the class including all future upgrade.

And you get it all for $24. After that the price goes up to $36 and this rate for office hour support disappears.

Refund Policy: If you don’t feel like you’ve learned anything new in the training notify me within a week and I’ll refund your money.

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